Monday, May 17, 2010


Freedom is very important in our lives.We don't know the mean of this word,but if we ask our parents and grandparents they will tel us the real mean of freedom.In the last century there was many colonised coutries in the world and Algeria was one of them.If we see the history of our coutry we find that Algeria give many things to be free.the frensh colonisation is the diffecult one in the world,so the Algerians suffered with it,but in the finale they took their freedom with their hands.
The colonisation stayed in Algeria 130 years.In the first the Algerian thought that they will be free with simpl ways,but from 19945 wich is the end of the first world war they know that the war is the best sollution,so they give their lives as a price to this freedom.
I want you to pray for Polastine to be free,and the peace will come back to our islamic world.

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