Saturday, May 15, 2010

the final destination

in1995,the university of california orgnised a tripe for the student (aboat fourteen student) . alex was a student that decieded to go with his friend ,but in the night when he was sleeping, he saw a bad vision that the plane will be explonsive. when the time rang to began the tripe,alex told teir friends what he saw(don't go, you will died ).their friends tgought that he was joking, they don't believe him. after a few minuts tha plan explonsived,and all the student died unless six people( grnifer, miss smith, tode, karla,gake, gohn). six month after the accident alex would to meet the survivor to told them that the ghost of death will return to put thinks in thrir places. the six people were tremled because they felt the truth in their speech. alex descovered that the ghost will followed a desine to kill the survivor,the ghost went to tode,but in man pictures after that,their parents found him deceased,the police thought that he suicided,but alex known that ther is a killer.alex went at home and descovered that the ghost draw a plan ( the seat in the plan) . alex known that the miss smith was the next.he don't known that che deceased by the scorched in their body,alex suggest a solution, he went to genifer ,and told her to meet him in the church. the ghost felt that ther are somthing wrong,but he went to kill genifer.suddenly,he found himself in the church while alex road from the boockand throw the water in the body of the ghost. the ghost was scorched in the hall.alex was destroyed the diagram of the death by the intelligent,and the vision that helped him to inderstand .

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