Wednesday, May 12, 2010

would you mind me

would you mind me if i hurt you? understand that i need to. Wich that i had other choices .Than to harm the one i like .I know i'd better stop trying. Iknow i should stop believing .I know that thre is no ..... it is over now.Would you mind me if i killed you .Would you mind if i tried to . Cause you have turned into my worst enemy?


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  2. You know really that I love you so much Houda.You hurt me really.I tried to convince you thousands times but I waste one`s breath!I didn`t write this problem in the blog to intimidate you.It is just to show you that I am not liar as you thought.The proof is the comment of Ms Salhi.
    You knew since I was in Algiers I never known happy moment.Only bad things that touch me as I am the only who is flashy!!
    So,I can`t imagine this kind of things came from you!
    I was nasty with you.I know.But it is the only solution to explain you the things!!
    Let`s forget all this.

  3. Don`t take what I said for insults.It is better truth which hurts than lies which makes good!
    Well,they told you lies,you believed,then you judge me but it doesn`t matter.It is not your fault even if you have to think before doing these actions.
    Anyway,I just wanted to arouse you that`s all.