Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Collaborative writing

Today, a great problem faces students, in my experience as much as i could remember . when i picked up as soon as my pen my mind goes blank.I was stressed even i tried to start writing so i think that the acceptable way to produce a good essay is to work in collective position. In essence, collaborative writing is students team up to brainstorming , organize , disscussing and giving the final product.That is in order to exchange information and agitate each other s sense of creative.Moreover ; it has a disponsible role to provide a self confidence to learners .Even teacher can use this with shy learners. This is because a successful teacher who can devote the opportunity to everybody to express his ideas and feeling.To sum up ;this technique is more suitable to learners who have more inspiration and expectation to be good interested in writing.
I hope that i was a light shade so good bye.

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