Sunday, May 9, 2010

Perssuasive paragaph


Chating is a very good and practical way to improve our writing skills. First of all, Ithink that the act of chating regularly leads us to use the keyboard better. Moreover, chating through internet provides to know more vocabulary, proverbs, and other cultures we didn't know before. Actually, I know many people who have friends in all over the world, and that is wonderful. In deed, chating is helpful and facilitate connection between peoples.

1 comment:

  1. Since I chat with foreign people,I start to fed up in this coutry!lol.There`s a big gap between us and them in lifestyle,knowledge,and mentality.
    I have many pen friends and one of them is frensh girl who visited me and stayed with us for two weeks.It is amazing believe me.
    If you are not regularly readers my friends,I advice you to chat.You will learn many languages and at the same time you will make pen friends.And why not you will do the same thing as me.Invite them to visit our country and vice versa.