Monday, May 10, 2010

hello my friends
One year past
To narrate one year from my life is too long , and i need at least more than pages , but i can summarize it in some lines
First i begin with studing in BTTC. I have studied lot of modules , but i have interested only some of them such as : - Speaking * Listening module .I enjoy it so much , and i like the way that the teacher use it to explain and deal with different topics .
- Grammar module i like it so much . From one side , the teacher is humorous and have good tempers and really know how to deal with us . Then we have another side that include the new things we have learnt about during the accademic year
-Writing is something else , these module seems to be the basic for us to learn english as well . It is deffirent process that student fellow to write a good english paragraph . I really enjoy it . In it there are apportunities for students work independently with partner and group . Then the exercice can be done either in class or at home , also ,there is a nother thing that push student to interest or dislike the module which is the teacher who were always the real inspiration for us to do our best .
Thank you mrs SALHI for all the things you have done , share , and exchange with us . all what i should say to you is worthy of note


  1. All students know competent and not competent teachers.And teachers who teach for money and those who do it by love!In your paragraph,you quoted the three modules I love:writing,listening,grammar and full stop!!!
    We are so lucky,three important modules for three competent teachers.Thanks a lot my teachers.
    If these teachers leave ENS,I will be the first who takes my luggage from there!!because in nowdays rare we find teachers as those we have just quoted.
    My only wish is to keep the same teachers for the four years.At least,in this inmportant modules.

  2. i am not really satisfied by this year..Because we were new and we didn't know how to deal with teachers(some of them).