Sunday, May 9, 2010

why I choose English

Last year,I passed the Bac exam and I got a good mark which helped me to choose my favourite language which is English and study it in Algiers exactly in BTTC.
I started to study English langage when I was in secondary and high school.In this year,I had a chance to study English language at university and I choose to study it for many reasons.First of all,I love it very much and I hope to speak it very well.Second,it is so important to communicate with foreigners.Moreover,learning English is useful especially for people who travel to English speaking countries such as Australia,Britain or America for work or spend their holidays.
In my studies,I should use the techniques or strategies to improve my English such as reading books,listen English music,and writing of short paragraphs or essays about any subject...All these ways are the most successful to learn Enlish.
Indeed,English is the most important language for every body.

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