Thursday, May 6, 2010

How to get a good review?just for you.....

Hi my freinds i want to give some advises for your revision just because i like you!
First,try waking up early because this is the best way to keep the memory in any case known scientifically, when you revise;revise out loud and do this to be well aware of what you say,as well as you should write everything you reserve to stay firmly in mind also to be used for all the senses in the review,moreover;understanding is the most important thing.
Finally; i hope that i was light shade,so take it easy and all of us will pass without any hardships nchaaaaalllllllaaaaaah see you soon take care bye.


  1. Especially,we have to like the module;otherwise,even if we will succeed we dont have this luggage.
    I see that on myself.There are some modules where i found myself lost and it is shamful!!Thanks god the most important modules I like them and I do always my best to improve myself.At least,when I will be a teacher,I dont make of my students victims!!

  2. Thak you Ahlem we like you too!!

  3. thank you ahlem for your advices...we should work hard and work a little bit with your steps we ll have a good result..i think