Friday, May 7, 2010

sadness in my way

Hello my freinds,this is the first time that i try to speak without any complex so please don’t blame me,because i respect each on of you.
When i speak about sadness i say :
Why I’am sad today.
And why sadness is in my way.
Always I try to find solution .
But I never found the exact expression .
So i can’t do modification .
And for me this is the best définition.
(here i want your comment especially from you tearcher and thanks a lot.I write this to show you how i am in trouble my Father is sick and me also.


  1. Dear Riadh,
    None of us is shelter of diseases.I can just say God bless your father.what I can say me too:In my young age,I have an illness and medicaments till my death but thanks god I never take my illness as an obstacle.
    Riadh,i can imagine your father is courageous than you.So please,dont show him your sadness and your frighten.
    This is the life!there is always ups and downs.

  2. Hi dear freind;
    I am too sad to know that,I advise you to be patient and strong in order to defeat the disease,i wish you and your father a speedy recovery, i'm very sorry so take care my freind.see you soon okay.

  3. Hi body!
    what's the matter with you? your father will recover soon, just trust in God and be patient. But you, you have already recovered, I can see that. you are Ok and even better than before. I wish from all my heart that God would cure your father. PEACE

  4. God bless you and your sarah said don't show your frighten to your dad...take care

  5. god help you my brother riadh,I'm with you if you need me my nervouse frind.see you