Sunday, May 9, 2010

My life in the ENS

It was the big surprise in my life,when I got the BAC ,for me and my familly too,They helpe me in my choice...........And I started my study in the ENS,it was like nightmare because the teachers were new also the way and the strategies of teaching were diffrent.It was the first time I was alone and far from my familly and friendes too....the night befor I came,I told my mother that I'm so afraid from this frighting dorm,also from the ENS,I thought that it was so hard for me as freshgirl.....
Today I feel harmony side the dorm and the ENS too;howeveI still afraid,,,since I don't know if I passe the year or no......I wish that all my friend's group will passe the year.pray my friends pray for that..

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  1. Hi,
    I liked this word *nightmare* because I have the same feeling when I visited Ens at the first time.I expected university such as * la fac centrale,hasnaoua..*with good sightseeing and extroverted students but I found the opposite.So,till now I live this nightmare!!!The most only thing that I never regret it is the level there.I am sure that I will be competent teacher thanks to some teachers like Ms Sahli who I thank a lot in this passage because she`s really a loyal teacher.