Sunday, May 9, 2010

stress in exams

we are all students,and there is no need to explain what exams stress is: Sleepless nights,troubled thoughts,loss of appetite,nervous,all these are because of is not necessary to continue letting stress take its toll on your physical and psycholical health and it can negatively affect a person's memory.I have some techniques that help me and i hope that will
help you to reduce it. 1,believe in your self because you are capable of passing the exam ,and you would'nt have been given a place in the class if you did'nt have the ability to do it . 2-as soon as you notice you are losing concentration take a short break.go for walk, talk to a friend ,than you will feel refreshed. 3-iN THE EXAM if you can't get started ,do not panic! you have gast to make a map of your knowledge on the topic. 4-use your time wisely!. 5-Relax every 5m stretch your bach,arms,nech,and breath .than go back to the writing. THE last advise is to not staying all night befor the exam is never a good instead have an early night , keep calm and tray not to think about why you must the exam.


  1. Especially,dont make yourself nervous for stupid things.You know really what I mean!!
    Studies are our only weapon in this life.That`s all.So,think a little bit please.
    Anyway,I wish you all good things in this life even if you think that I am not good person.
    Good bye!

  2. HI houda you make me so afraid from this nightmar be..

  3. Chafiaa,don`t panic my`ll succeed and I am sure.Let the stress away from you.