Monday, May 3, 2010

Parents precious grace bestowed by God

Hi my classmates how are you?i hope you are doing well.i want you to read my passage carefully,Maybe you will you will benefit from it.On the subject of parents.
Who does not love his parents or does not care about them no one I think.When destiny allowed just kept far from my parents i know very well the true value of them ,and now I'm not patient to stay far away because I be very sad,i love them so much maybe i write that because really i miss them.
And now I command you, offend them when you are at home take the opportunity by them and not waste any second and you're not near to them that do+ not do by anything that bothers them or harm them.
I wish I was a light shade with you.Iwish you success, especially as the exams are on the doorstep your freind Ahlam who likes you so much so gooooooood night.

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  1. Personnely,thanks to this distance which existed between me and my family i grow up mentally because frankly,I was capriciouse and until now that I feel I am a bit mature.
    Then,we are not living with them forever.We have to love them sure but not in the point to be superglue!!lol