Sunday, May 2, 2010

pray for Sara

HELLO MY FRIENDS,how are you;are you fine.
Well my friends you know that Sara is absents because she is ill,so we should pray for her to be fine because the exames are sooooooooon at this reason pray god to help Sara before this last,
without forget....our guest.....and our exames too.
gooooooooooooooooooood night my friends.........good dreams for you.see you.


  1. Hi Chafia,
    Thank you for this article written for me.It is so touching.
    My parents made for me a driver to come and go back with me each day during the exams.So,I will do my exams normally with you.If i fail,I will take the remedial exams.
    There is many solutions.So I don`t want to take my illness as an obstacle.
    Anyway,thanks a lot my dear friend for your message.
    see you soon.

  2. Hi sara i am your friend leila belkacem.I miss you so much and i wish you will came to study in this week,because the exams are very chafia said.take a big car of your self.and see you soon my friend.

  3. hi sara i am ahlam i wish that you are better! I liked your challenge for the illness, i wish you a speedy recovery.good night.