Saturday, May 1, 2010

my life since i m student in ENS

My story began when i arrived to algiers , when i left my family and my friends for the first time , when i found myself in front of a big responsibility , when i met many people whom differed from one to another in feeling and thinking and soooo.....
the life in dormitory is another world for me where i found my self lost , i didn't know what i should and shouldn't do ; i m totally canceled .
At first i thought that every thing are easy to do , and that no difference between the life at home and at dormitory . But now i have learnt a lot of things , i have seen some experiences which let me strong and patient . In general , the distance learned me how i had to be .
Concerning my studies , now i find my self very late even if i want a lot to be succeeded in this year . i m very regretted because i didn't take the study us a serious issue .
At laest , i ' ll try to do the max to have an average ,even if i ll not be succeeded , make sure the previous year will be better than the last .


  1. You know Lilia,when there is a will,there is a way.Even me I am such as a couch potato.But as I have goals to fulfill,I do my best not just to pass the years but to pass it with a high grade.
    Dont`t forget that knowledge is power.

  2. hi ???? i would like just to tell you that fatima(zibak el motaharek)stole my blue jeans but she will Pay a high price.....mkach menhaaaaaa!!!lol.

  3. idda ddaaa idda daaa idddaaaddddaaa