Saturday, May 1, 2010

Year is over

The year is already over.My first year at ENS is a mixture of bad and good things at the same time.There,I learnt how to be responsible of myself,the most thing that I never did.I learnt that life is not piece of cake as i thought.So,I learnt how to make face of problems and obstacles without demanding any help.Let`s say I grew up mentally and I became a bit mature thanks to the distance which existed between me and my family and the problems that I acrossed during the year.
Concerning my studies,I have to say that my level is improved in some modules such as writing,and listening and speaking...etc.I can compare and see the diffirence between the last year and this year.And to be frank,in some other modules my level remain the same.This is due of lack of motivation and interest because i don`t like the method of some teachers.So, i think that teachers have to share and communicate their ideas with their students and look for an appropriate method to do the cousrses.It is good for teachers to make lessons easy and for students to pass the years.
The most sorrow phenomena that I saw on me even in all students in foreign languages that we give a great deal of importance for arabic modules to pass the year without taking remedial exams.Instead of reading books to enrich our vocabulary in English,we spent our time memorising which takes time because the program in this modules is so heavy.
I hope that teachers of these modules have to give just sum up for essential ideas.We are English students not Arabic students to give us the less details as they did.
For me,I think that as we are studying foreign languge, it will be better to have another foreign languages such as Frensh or German than Arabic.
Anyway,I am farther to complain about teachers but I complain about this educational system.


  1. thanks four your sincerity ; your have really an heroism to say all that "chapeau" byyyyyyyy good luck

  2. I know that in deep of your heart you share the same ideas with me.Saying the truth is not lack of respect ok Lilia?because if it was,I will never do it.
    Because of my frakness,I might have a lot of problems with teachers certainly.*Alah Ghaleb* I am a kind of person who can not hide what I feel because sincerely I may die.